ST Product Details

ST LED light bars

Our simplest and most attractively priced model, ST provides ideal shelf lighting along the front of your POS or other retail display. Our standard ST LED light bars are thin, lightweight and come with 3M adhesion for easy installation.  They are available in sizing ranging from 120 to 840 mm.

ST LED light bar


Our Y-System ST LED light bars can be used in a variety of POS and other retail displays

LED light bars - one pole display

LED light bars for two pole displays

LED light bars for retail shelves

Product Details

ST LED light bars are available in a range of sizes and can be used individually for smaller spaces or joined together to provide targeted lighting for larger areas. These features make them ideal for compact POS displays as well as longer retail shelves.

ST LED lightbar

Technical Specifications and Selected Accessories

ST LED light bars are available in 6 sizes from 120 to 840mm in length. Thanks to their flexible design, they can easily be fitted to EU, UK and US standard power plugs. Another great feature is the innovative y-shaped-connector used for all our Y-System LED light bars. The "Y-System" makes it easy to attach multiple bars together without additional power distribution units. Current simply flows from one light bar to the next.

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