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dLED - Bernitz Electronics

Lighting, electronics & sensor technology specialists

For over 20 years, Bernitz Electronics GmbH has specialized in lighting, electronics and sensor technology, with Franz Bernitz at the helm as Owner, General Manager and Head of Research & Development.

A passion for light runs in the family of company founder Franz Bernitz. The tradition began with his grandfather, who was a pioneer in the use of electric light. He embraced the new technology and installed electric lights in the church in Anzing on the outskirts of Munich. The love of lighting continues to the fourth generation with his son Max Bernitz, who is also active in the company.

As head of development at a leading worldwide lighting company, Franz Bernitz played a key role in creating innovative video projection and lighting solutions. In this position he gained many years of global experience working with the USA, China, Taiwan, Japan and the EU.

Franz Bernitz was one of the first
to recognize the importance of LED lighting. That's why he decided to focus on this modern technology in the company he founded in 1999, Bernitz Electronics GmbH. Since then, his dLED product line has illuminated retails displays in grocery stores, petrol stations and convenience stores in Germany and abroad. In addition, Bernitz Electronics also engages in sales and projects in Western and Eastern Europe as well as Asia and the Middle East.

Franz Bernitz, owner Bernitz Electronics GmbH
Gabriele von Weltzien - dLED Bernitz Electronics

Gabriele von Weltzien

Sales and Marketing
Email: info@dled.eu

Product Overview
LED Lightbars for POS + Retail displays

We specialize in custom electronics and lighting design

When designing and manufacturing our products, we pay close attention to what's important - quality, light output and lifetime, good thermal management, constant flow and correct binning. The result: reliable, environmentally friendly, cost effective LED products.

In addition to our standard product line, we develop specific solutions for our customers. These can be ramped up to mass production for national and international markets.

At Bernitz Electronics, we combine engineering and design excellence with quality manufacturing for optimal retail LED lighting solutions.

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