dLED means Quality

We take great care with all aspects of design and manufacturing to provide you with high quality products that give you a big return on a small investment

twinkling lights - light sells!


LEDs have an extremely long life (typically 50,000 hours), so we use high quality materials, including brand-name adhesives and durable PCB for all our components to ensure that the entire lighting systems have a long lifetime. dLED modules are rugged and can withstand reasonable amounts of mechanical stress. Our XD products include an outer plastic casing for settings which require extra stability and protection from external contact.

Power Consumption

dLED modules are designed to avoid energy loss and therefore work at a higher voltage (13V) than standard 12V systems. This results in a 25% increase in efficiency on most modules. Our power supplies are tailored to match the high efficiency level, which means extremely low operating costs.
Check out our energy cost calculator below to see how a small investment can give you a big return.

dLED modules comply with safety standards necessary to operate within the EU. Approvals for US and other countries can be obtained on request.
With dLED modules installation is easy, flexible and expandable. One module connects to another. Self-adhesive strips and magnet fixtures make attaching the lights quick and simple.
dLED modules are shipped in optimally sized, environmentally-friendly packaging for easy transport and disposal.