Get a big return on a small investment

Boost sales while keeping your energy costs low

LED lighting on small containersDid you know that you can boost sales by up to 15% with better product lighting? If customers don’t notice your merchandise, they are more likely to walk right past it. However, our LED light bars can help you catch their attention and not only generate more impulse purchases, particularly in the check-out area, but also improve customers’ impression of your store.

Increasing sales does not have to be expensive. Our quality light bars are an excellent value for money thanks to their compact design and easy installation. They require virtually no maintenance and cost very little to operate thanks to their high energy efficiency. LED lighting from dLED is a smart addition to your retail space, giving you a big return on a small investment.

Find out little it costs to power dLED light bars. Just select the type of display you use and provide some basic information. Enter the size of your display and how many hours a day you’d like to light up your merchandise. If you know your electricity cost per kw, that will help give a more accurate projection. Our Energy Cost Calculator works in real time, so as soon as you enter a value, you’ll see the result.


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