dLED is your partner for illuminating POS displays

Eye-catching: We generate light that gets noticed and directs attention where you want it to go. Our products help catch the customer’s eye in a wide range of retail locations such as supermarkets, petrol stations, drugstores, and convenience stores and put the focus on your POS display.

The natural choice: Retail displays take a lot of wear and tear due to frequent re-stocking and customers reaching for merchandise. This makes dLED light bars the natural choice for illuminating retail displays and shelves because they are robust with no fragile internal parts. And thanks to their compact design they fit nicely into small spaces without getting in the way of shoppers or staff.

Efficient and effective: Our dLED light bars are an energy efficient and cost effective way of drawing attention to the merchandise, which makes customers more likely to buy. We provide the right solution regardless of shelf size and individual application. First we customize and then we standardize. Our products are already available in a variety of sizes and models with more on the way.

Convenient: With an eye on convenience, our products can be fitted to US, UK and EU standard power plugs. Furthermore, the innovative y-shaped connector used for all our Y-System LED light bars makes it easy to attach multiple bars together without additional power distribution units. Power simply flows from one light bar to the next.

Find the LED light bar that's right for your retail display


ST LED light bars

Standard LED light bars

  • ideal lighting for front of display
  • thin, lightweight
  • simplest and most attractively priced model
  • 3M adhesion for easy installation on almost any type of shelf
  • 6 sizes: 120mm, 260mm, 410mm, 550mm, 740mm, 840mm


Mecano LED light bars

Mecano™ LED light bars

  • ideal lighting for front and sides of display
  • specific solution for Mecano™ retail display units from Kesseböhmer for Wrigley
  • popular at grocery store, petrol station and convenience store checkout area
  • 3M adhesion for easy installation
  • 2 sizes: 400mm and 600mm with 110mm end caps

XD and XD+

XD LED light bars

XD LED light bars

  • ideal lighting for front of displays
  • plastic casing for added stability and protection from direct contact
  • XD magnetic fixing brackets for metal shelves
  • XD 6 sizes: 120mm, 260mm, 410mm, 550mm, 740mm, 840mm
  • XD+ 3M adhesion for non-metal shelves
  • XD+ 5 sizes: 260mm, 410mm, 550mm, 740mm, 840mm