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Use dLED lighting systems for better POS displays

An unlit display can fade into the background, but our LED light bars illuminate the merchandise on every shelf to make the whole display an eye-catcher.

We'll show you how to brighten up your POS display and draw attention to your merchandise, which in turn will help generate more sales.

Our LED products are efficient

Very low power consumption
Extremely long life (LED's usually run for 50.000 hours)
Robust, no fragile internal parts
Easy to use,  virtually maintenance free
Low operating costs thanks to energy efficiency and long product life

We have the right LED lighting to suit your needs

Our products are specially designed to fit into small spaces between shelves, are easy to install and are available in a variety of models, colors and sizes.

We'll be happy to help you make the right selection to enhance your display and make your merchandise more appealing to your customers.

Our LED products meet all important environmental and safety standards

Very energy efficient
Mercury free, no UV radiation
Low operating temperature
No noise or damage to the eyes
Certified product and environmental safety (CE, RoHS, ETL, UL, TÜV Süd)


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